Honey Liquid Tea

Pine Nut Honey Jujube Tea

  • It is a liquid tea that promotes a healthy life and wherein premium honey and jujube are mixed in an optimal ratio with unique manufacturing. Jujube, called the “honey from tree” in Asia, and precious pine nuts are harmoniously mixed to offer a sweet flavor, as well as a health reinforcing effect. You will be mesmerized by its nutty flavor, glutinous jujube pulp, and honey. Jujube is a natural antibiotic fruit that enhances the body’s immunity, and the tea also contains natural antibiotic compounds.

  • Honey Ginger Tea

  • Ginger tea has been enjoyed since long ago for its excellent cold-preventing effect in the winter, when immunity weakens. Its compounds are known to promote blood circulation, while its protein-decomposing compounds help with digestion and skin aging prevention. Dooraeone Honey Ginger Tea contains premium honey and ginger, which are harmoniously mixed, to help improve your health.

  • Honey Lemon Tea

  • Enjoy the unique scent of this tea made of fresh lemons from California and premium Dooraewon honey. It contains vitamin C and citric acid, making it a more holistic product. How about starting the morning full of energy with the scent of fresh lemons?

  • Honey Quince Pear Tea

  • The bitter flavor particular to quince and sweet Korean pears are harmoniously mixed to create an excellent flavor. The tea will imbue energy to people suffering from fatigue caused by today’s lifestyle.

  • Honey Aloe Tea

  • The product contains aloe, known to help recover health and as being good for skin beauty care, which is reinterpreted with a processing method unique to Dooraewon. Meaning “bitter flavor” in Arabic, aloe’s unique, sweet, and fresh flavor is processed to satisfy everyone’s taste. Aloe, a plant enjoyed by the royal family since ancient Egypt, is now enjoyed at leisure by drinking Dooraewon Honey Aloe Tea. Feel like an emperor with this aloe drink.

  • Honey Grapefruit Tea

  • Grapefruits improve blood vessel diseases and their pulp is rich in pectin, which is known to reduce body cholesterol. In addition, they contain compounds that repress appetite, helping with women’s dieting. Enjoy this tea, made by the Dooraewon food research team, which has retained the unique pungent flavor of grapefruits and yet boasts of an excellent flavor that even children love.